Best Christmas Candies: Make this Holiday Extra Sweet!

Best Christmas Candies: Make this Holiday Extra Sweet!

Looking for the Christmas Candies to give out and enjoy this Holiday season? Look no further than We have a wide variety of candies from melt-in-your-mouth chocolates to classic candy canes, you’ll find the best Christmas Candies on You can still make Christmas merry amid the Covid pandemic this year. One of the best things about the holiday season is the huge amounts of candies and sweets we can indulge on. From gumdrops and peppermints to chocolates and gummies you’ll find a huge selection of the best sweets this holiday season.

Top 20 Best Christmas Candies


We’ve picked out the top 20 Christmas Candies we want in our Christmas stockings this year.


  1. Sour Patch Mini Green Rind Watermelon 1.9lb Soft candy with an intense watermelon flavor that's SOUR. SWEET. GONE. Makes for a sweet stocking stuffer and comes in a resealable bag to keep fresh!
  1. Albanese Gummi Peach Rings 4.5lb These rings have the taste of ripe juicy peaches packed into a sweet chewy candy. These gummies are fun to eat and also makes for a great stocking stuffer.
  1. Goetze Cow Tales Caramel Brownie 36ct New twist on a classic, Limited Edition  Caramel Brownie Flavored Cow Tales!  This new Cow Tales flavor has the taste of a decadent, chocolate brownie mixed with caramel batter. Great to use as a gift or stocking stuffer!
  1. World Candy Cigarettes 24ct is another classic candy great for old generations who remember having these as a kid. Bring back the memories and grab a pack today to stuff into someone’s Christmas stocking!


  1. Vidal Gummi Spicy Mango 2.2lb is a great treat for those who love spicy things. This has the perfect balance of fiery spice and sweet mango. Makes a great gift for Spicy Lovers!
  1. Sour Power Green Apple Straws Tub 200ct  offers a sweet and sour taste that everyone love. Sour straws that are covered in powerfully sour sugar. Super yummy Green Apple flavor makes a great gift for any sour lover.
  1. Spangler Red and White Mini Candy Canes 240ct Nothing says Merry Christmas like a candy cane, and what better way to share the holidays than with a Spangler red-and-white mini cane. This 240-count box allows everyone to get into the spirit, with plenty to stuff in stockings, party candy displays and trim packages. They are also great for gingerbread houses and Christmas trees! Each candy cane is .15 oz and 3.25 inches tall. They are individually wrapped in clear pouch wrapping, gluten-free, OU kosher certified, and free of the top common allergens. Everyone can enjoy this holiday favorite.


  1. Albanese Wild Gummy Worms 5lb These terrific wild fruit gummy worms are sweet and tasty. Each colorful two-toned worm is bursting with delicious fruity flavors that include: Cherry, Green Apple, Pineapple, Lemon, and Orange. Perfect gift for any gummy lover.
  1. efrutti Gummy Lunch Bags 12ct will make any lunch time sweeter! Each bag comes complete with a gummy hot dog, gummy mini burger, gummy pizza, sour gummy fries, gummy cola and a gummy donut. These make for a cute stocking stuffer for any gummy lover.


  1. Asher Dark Vanilla Caramel Sea Salt 6lb are so good! These chewy vanilla caramels are dipped in dark chocolate then finished off with a sprinkle of sea salt to fulfill everyone’s salty-sweet cravings. We dare you to try just one and that’s why your need a lot to share in this delightful treat for the holidays.
  1. Bergen Marzipan Bulk Fruit Tray 54ct is a holiday favorite. Marzipan treats have long been part of the Holiday traditions for families around the world. Whether you originally hail from Norway, America, Germany, or Guatemala, shaping almond paste into delicious candies is a cherished part of the holiday season. Whether you are looking to show appreciation to your grandfather or grandmother, to your hostess or coworkers, this marzipan tray will make a great gift.



  1. Crown Pecan Logs 12ct are a special candy treat. Delicious divinity center covered in rich creamy caramel and covered in fresh pecans. Makes for a perfect gift to bring to your host or hostess’s party.


  1. Albanese Gummi Christmas Trees & Snowman 5lb Christmas decorations that taste as good as they look! They come in delicious flavors like Wild Cherry, Green Apple & Strawberry Banana. These make the ultimate candy treat this holiday season.
  1. Arcor Honey Filled Candy 6lb These mouthwatering hard candies are full of yummy honey flavor.  The center of the candy is filled with the delicious, golden ooze of honey and makes a great addition to a hot cup of tea. Perfect gift for any tea or honey lover.
  1. Haribo Gummi Peaches 5lb these two-toned, sugar dusted peaches are an international favorite. Peach flavor so natural you'll be sure you've bitten into a fresh Georgia peach! Perfect gift for any peach lover.
  1. Joyva Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberry Rings 5lb are scrumptious raspberry jelly rings smothered in rich dark chocolate! They're great for holiday parties or to serve when you have company. But also make a wonderful treat to snack on by yourself!


  1. Laffy Taffy Banana 145ct Tub delivers an incredible long lasting chew with a yummy Banana taste. Stretchy and tangy, Laffy Taffy is Willy Wonka's favorite taffy! This stocking stuffer will make anyone  "go bananas" !
  1. Vidal Gummi Pizza Slices 2.2lb are ready for delivery! Gummi pizza slices shaped cute tiny slices of pizza with colorful toppings like tomatoes, peppers, and mushrooms, but they have a fruity taste. Makes a cute gift for any pizza lover.



  1. Jelly Belly Assorted Chocolate Truffles Gift Box 10ct are beautiful half bean-shaped chocolates filled with Jelly Belly’s famous flavors like Blueberry, Cherry, Chocolate, Coconut, Lemon-Meringue-Pie, Mint

Orange, Strawberry Cheesecake, Vanilla. Jelly Belly Fans will be sure to enjoy these themselves or give as gifts! Perfect for the holidays!



  1. Albanese Milk Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears 2.25lb  is the best of both worlds. It's like eating chocolate coated fruit. The gummy bears are super soft and feel like they melt in your mouth with the chocolate. They also come in rare flavors like orange, strawberry/banana, raspberry, strawberry, marshmallow, and apricot. Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer.


These top Christmas Candies for 2020 will surely help you get in the holiday spirit this year. Indulging in these Christmas candies can be the perfect way to unwind after a long day of cooking or shopping or wrapping presents! So hurry before all the good stuff is gone!


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