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Love 'em or hate 'em, Peeps are here to stay

Iconic Easter Marshmallow Treats

But, why? What is the allure attached to these (tasty?) brightly colored sugary snacks that have become staples in Easter baskets everywhere? Let's dive in and learn a bit about these Peeps.

Since 1953, Peeps have been produced, marketed, and distributed in a variety of different shapes; with the most popular bunnies and chicks popping up around the holidays for consumption amongst the young and old alike.

image of yellow Peep chicks

Now, mass produced by Just Born candy (founded in 1953 by Ukrainian immigrant Sam Born as a play on the daily freshness of their candy), Peeps were originally crafted by hand, by Rodda Candy Company, before Just Born acquired them and drove the wild success of the now very popular candy.

Reshaping the Peep

image of Peeps snowmen candy

While these bright yellow, mostly sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, food dye, and salt treats started as humble chick shapes, by the 1960's, Peeps were available in different colors, flavors, and shapes; from lavender to red coloring, with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry tastes, shaped into bunnies, pumpkins, and Christmas stockings.


Nowadays, aside from the many Peeps candy varieties, you can also find Peeps themed lip balm, pillows, costumes, and more!

Are You Going to Eat That?

Peeps are notorious for a variety of reasons, from their rumored indestructability, to their "love 'em or hate 'em" vibe that carries across generations.

Did you know that the popular show Malcolm in the Middle had an episode in which the character Francis consumed 100 Peeps on a dare?! Well, there is some truth from which this fictional episode was inspired; in 2017 at a Peeps eating contest, the winner consumed 255 Peeps in 5 minutes.

image of pink peep bunnies

Facts: there are Peeps diorama contests (look it up!), scientific indestructability experiments to test the composure of Peeps, art exhibits and more, all paying tribute to the greatness of the Peep!

Peep What's Next

With an animated movie rumored to be in the works, recipes dedicated to using Peeps in interesting ways, and a Peeps flavored soda that has already released, who knows what the future holds?!? One thing is for sure, we'll be sure to Peep it out (get it?)!

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