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Adams & Brooks

Adams & Brooks Rainbow Whirly Pops 1.5oz 60ct

Adams & Brooks Rainbow Whirly Pops 1.5oz 60ct

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Delicious Whirly Pops in assorted swirling colors and flavors! A sturdy, longer-than-average stick helps you enjoy them without accidentally licking your knuckles or fingers of the hand that holds the stick.

Assortment includes 5 lollipop colors and flavors: Rainbow Cherry, Pink Strawberry, Purple Grape, Orange Orange, and Red Raspberry.

Sucker Specifications:
Net Weight: 1.5 Ounces
Diameter: 3 Inches
Total Length: 7 Inches

Display box contains 60 wrapped Assorted Color Whirly Lollipops.
Made in the USA.

UPC: 70005-9



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