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Wricley Nut Co

Sunflower Seeds Roasted No Salt Shelled 15lb

Sunflower Seeds Roasted No Salt Shelled 15lb

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Sunflower Seeds (Roasted and Out of the Shell) from Wricley Nut, nutritious and delicious sunflower seeds that are shelled, roasted and ready to enjoy. Kosher Parve. Sold in bulk, delivered in a 15 lb. pack.
Manufactured By: Wricley Nut

Looking for a snack low in sugar with a fabulous flavor? Try our sunflower seeds! They are have a dynamic flavor and offer much nutritional value. A convenient, inexpensive snack full of protein that gives you a jolt of energy anytime. Sunflower seeds can also be added to various recipes. Great especially on salads, or for snacking by itself.

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